Monday, June 13, 2011

Abilene, KS

What might I be doing, looking at maps of Abilene, KS in the 1880s?  Hmm...


  1. I'm looking at Texas Street, at the Alamo bar, with it's fancy glass doors, and the school right across the street. Youngster could get some bad ideas about what's actually necessary in this life.

  2. Been through Abilene about a thousand times, I suppose. I'm pretty sure Abilene is where they moved the famous Brookville Hotel (from Brookville, KS, which is near where my wife grew up; Kanopolis and Ellsworth)after they ran into sewage issues there.

    A lot of old west heritage in that part of the country. They recently restored the Drovers Cottage in Ellsworth as well.

  3. Yes, that is where the cattle boarded the trains for the east.