Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All Due Respect #12

This month marks one year of All Due Respect.  I'd like to offer thanks to all the writers who made the first year so entertaining.  Jim Wilsky contributes the birthday story, Severance.  Wilsky reminds us that white collar workers are also suffering in this miserable economy and if their bosses don't watch it, their employees just might explode with rage and show up for work when they're not scheduled...  "Severance" is told in a manner very similar to the classic pulps.  It's non-stop excitement and allows anyone who has been screwed-over by this economy a brief, if violent, fantasy.


  1. Alec,

    Once again, thanks for everything. I really appreciate the opportunity and assistance on this one.

  2. No problem, Jim. Glad to have you at ADR.