Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Future of All Due Respect

Yesterday I announced that All Due Respect would need a new editor after April of 2012.  I was fortunate enough to get an email from Chris Rhatigan, who runs the excellent site Death By Killing, in which he offered to take over editorial duties.  Chris knows good writing.  I had worries about shutting ADR down or passing it on to an editor I might not be too sure about.  Those worries are gone.  I believe Mr. Rhatigan is going to do a hell of a job.


  1. Thanks much, Alec. You've done a stellar job and I've got big shoes to fill!

  2. No problem, Chris. I'm confident you're going to keep ADR stocked with great stories.

  3. No worries, Alec - it's defo in safe hands with Chris. Best of luck with Pulp Modern.

  4. Thanks, Col. ADR is indeed in safe hands.