Saturday, August 7, 2010

MANIFESTO DESTINATION now available as a "kindle" book

My first (and, thus far, only) novel, Manifesto Destination, is available once more through as a kindle book.  The price is only 3.95, in tribute to the cost of paperbacks back in the early 1980s, when I started reading.

Manifesto Destination is a hardboiled noir thriller with a healthy dose of sociological science fiction thrown in for good measure.  I wrote it during a frantic week in Los Angeles, back in 2001.  I had just moved to the city of (plastic) angels.  I was living in a one room apartment with no kitchen that I had just discovered was infested with rodents.  An agent asked to see "my book" and I decided I had better write one if I was going to have a shot with that particular agency.  Setting myself high off the ground so that the rodents could do their business without bothering me, I tore through cartons of cigarettes while pounding out this short novel in about a week.  Don't worry, it has been edited and revised several times since then.  The jerk-off agent who asked to see it decided not to represent me.  I eventually had to move out of that apartment in the middle of the night since the company responsible for the building (located on Serrano, in Koreatown, for those of you thinking of moving there) literally said they were going to do nothing about the rats and mice.

The book was briefly published by Pale House, a small press run by some youngsters in Los Feliz.  I think all my friends and relatives at the time bought it and one person purchased a copy from Skylight Books, also in Los Feliz.  Then the book sat in the darkness of my computer files for a few years until I decided to publish it as a kindle edition on Amazon, last year.  A couple of people I don't know actually purchased the book and wrote kind reviews.  Then, a publisher in Indianapolis said they were interested in putting out a traditional, hardcover edition of the book.  I waited for well over half a year for those idiots to send me a contract.  They never did, so now, I've decided to make the book available, once more, through Amazon.

If you like Raymond Chandler and/or Philip K. Dick, you will like this book.  Nothing too intellectual, just some nice, paranoid distopian fiction.

Those of you who have stepped into the 21st century and own a kindle may purchase and enjoy the book here:



  1. How about an excerpt for us non-Kindle owners? I mean, if you knock me out, maybe I'll go buy one.

    I love the story of the rats and writing this puppy in a week. Shades of Jack Kerouac.

  2. I have been trying to get the book back in 'real' print for a while. As soon as it happenes, I will make a note here at No Moral Center.