Tuesday, August 31, 2010


How do you follow a story like David Cranmer's THE GREAT WHYDINI? You don't. You go in a completely different direction.
For issue number three of ALL DUE RESPECT, JJ Kinni puts together a road story that fuses the wandering prose of Jack Kerouac with some nice elements of all-American debauchery we would expect to find in a Jim Thompson or James Ellroy novel. The result is "Open Roads and Freebirds," a story that moves from post-World War II alienation to the dawn of the free love movement in San Francisco. This is an usual piece. If your idea of crime fiction is the rocking chair prose found in Ellery Queen, get a crowbar and pry your mind open. This is what All Due Respect, at its heart, is all about:

Breaking every goddamn rule in the book.

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