Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Strength" reviewed by someone I don't know

Colleen Wanglund was kind enough to review the anthology Ruthless.  She was even kinder to mention my story as one of the "other notable stories" in the book.  She seemed to admonish me for depicting a child torturing a rat and then later drowning a cat before taking his anger out on another human being.  Of course, that's the point, isn't it?  I'm not a big fan of serial killers or serial killer stories.  For whatever reason, this particular story was designed to give voice to the notion that when children are pushed around, they will find ways to push back.  I was thinking about Columbine when I wrote it.  I was also thinking about the Holocaust, and how the Jewish faith prevented so many people from fighting back.  I wrote "Strength" many years ago when I lived in Los Angeles in a one room apartment with no kitchen and lots of fucking rodents.  While I don't have anything against cats, I don't know why anybody would be sympathetic to rats!  Rats will eat your babies!  They're dirty, diseased, and fucking stubborn beyond belief.  I've actually had a couple of rats try to pick fights with me in the streets of L.A. and in Chicago when I was shooting my god-awful feature movie Mr. Id.  Anyway, I think some people might take Wanglund's comments out of context, or, more precisely, the events in the story out of context.  Keep in mind, the anthology is called RUTHLESS: An Extreme Shock Horror Collection.  If it wasn't shocking, it wouldn't have made the cut, yes?

Anyway, I appreciate the mention.  I just wish she hadn't pointed out that aspect of the story.

Here is the page with the full review:


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  1. It is interesting what folks will pick from a story. I will check out the review...