Thursday, August 19, 2010


I've received some amazing story submisions for All Due Respect.  The next two months are booked.  While I've had to reject a number of stories, it's generally because the plots are simply too common.  The writing is usually excellent.  I'm beyond impressed by the skills of the writers I don't see on any "Best-seller" list.  But isn't that always the case? 

I remember working for an agency in Hollywood as a reader.  Great, and I mean GREAT screenplays would come in from Kansas and Vermont and Montana and everywhere else between New York and L.A.  Anytime I'd pass one up to the Big Boss, he'd ask where the writer was from.  "Kansas?" he'd say.  "There are no writers in Kansas!"  And into the circular file it would go.  Meanwhile, one hack after another, hooked into the system by family or by getting down on the old knees, would make millions off of the idiots in charge.

Speaking of idiots and Los Angeles, I have to relay my anger at the "writers" who frequent the 'writing gigs' section of the Los Angeles craigslist.  Craigslist is the easiest way I know to promote a project like this in its infant stages.  I posted ads for All Due Respect in about fifteen different American cities.  The submissions came in from all over the country.  The ad on L.A.'s craigslist, however, got flagged.  I reposted it and it got flagged again.  This went on for twenty-four hours before I finally decided to say 'fuck you' to L.A.  I've actually had this problem before.  When crewing up for my shitty second feature movie, Beverly Hills Massacre, I told the producer to put ads on craigslist.  Again, the morons in L.A. kept flagging the ads.  I worked on a stupid short film as an assistant director a few months after shooting BHM where I met some of the idiots repsonsible for all the flagging in L.A.  They explained that any gig that didn't offer a sufficient amount of pay got flagged.  I tried to explain to them that anyone looking for work on craigslist shouldn't be expecting a million dollar paycheck, but they wouldn't hear it.  You see, in Los Angeles, EVERYBODY knows EVERYTHING and if you try to present them with something resembling logic, their ears automatically close up.

When I first moved to L.A., people heard my Hoosier accent and asked me if I was from Alabama.  I said, "No, I'm from Indiana."  To which they would respond, "What's the difference?"  Tells you all you need to know about Los Angeles...

Burn Hollywood Burn!


  1. You should do more of these posts. I'm fascinated by the mind set.

  2. PS I bet a book on your experiences would do well.