Monday, May 22, 2023

Waylon Jennings Anthology Now Available!

A collection of crime fiction/noir stories inspired by the music of Waylon Jennings is now available. I edited this little beauty, but the credit belongs to the writers who contributed amazing stories and Gutter Books for carrying on despite the prevailing, fascist winds of New Puritanism stinking up the entire publishing industry. We've got a variety of tales here to delight anyone who enjoys stories about bad behavior. Just looks at this roster of talent:

  • January Bain
  • Meredith Craig
  • Burke de Boer
  • Christine Boyer
  • Michael Bracken
  • John Floyd
  • Tom Hoisington
  • Trevor Holiday 
  • Ian Klink
  • Matt Phillips
  • Russell Thayer
  • Joseph S. Walker

The kindle version is now available for your reading pleasure. As always, please read it and review it at Amazon no matter what you thought of it.

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