Thursday, September 16, 2021

So Much Things To Say!

If you've been asleep for a while, you're forgiven for missing the fact that my imprint, Uncle B. Publications, LLC, has been busy putting out books.

In addition to the latest, greatest Pulp Modern, Uncle B. released a Johnny Cash tribute called Now, There Was a Story!, featuring crime stories by Stephen J. Golds, Jackie Flaum, Don Stoll, Robert Petyo, C.W. Blackwell, and many others. The stories are all based on the covers Johnny Cash recorded for his landmark record, Now, There Was a Song!

In conjunction with David Cranmer and Beat to a Pulp Press, Uncle B. has released the first of two volumes collecting the complete adventures of the Drifter Detective. Jack Laramie, aka the Drifter Detective, roams the Texas landscape of the early 1950s doing freelance P.I. work. Volume One features novellas and novelettes by Garnett Elliott, Wayne D. Dundee, and me. Kevin Tipple provides the foreword.

Uncle B. is also publishing poetry books and the first up is legendary Verna Hampton's Sister FM Diva Poetry Inna Mi Yahd. Hampton's poetry is lively and timely and I'm thrilled we're helping her get her verse out to the world.

Cool It Down, the followup to Breaking Glass and Down on the Street, will be here within the next few weeks from ABC Group Documentation. For those of you patiently waiting to find out what happened to Lester Banks, here's a gift:

Behold, the cover art for Cool It Down...

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Pulp Modern 2.7 Lineup and Mr. Cizak Appearances in the Wild

Choosing stories for the latest issue of Pulp Modern was more difficult than ever. The best writers, both independent and "established," are eager to see their work in the digest and there's only so much room. The decision to cut great stories has never been more painful. Here, however, is the lineup for the first of two issues celebrating Pulp Modern's 10th anniversary:


The issue will also feature another article by Anthony Perconti. The usual cast and crew will be involved in putting the issue together, including art director Richard Krauss and illustrator Ran Scott.

As you wait for the new issue to arrive, feel free to read some of my work on the Internet and in print publications, including:

"Levels," a controversial flash fiction piece (that would not be controversial in a rational world) appears at Punk Noir.

"The Little Dizzies" appears in 4:20 Noir, a collection edited by J.Travis Grundon and produced by Richard Krauss for Uncle B. Publications, LLC.

"Cymbaline," a more traditional Alec Cizak crime fiction story, appears in the brand new magazine Guilty. Make sure you buy the book and give this new market some business.

At some point this year, my novel Cool It Down should be available. It picks up the story of Les Banks two years after the events of Down on the Street.

Finally, Uncle B. Publications, LLC, will begin a regular publication schedule in September. Look for a Johnny Cash-inspired anthology, a volume of Drifter Detective novellas, and a new line of poetry chapbooks.

This is it, folks. This is the revolution we've been aiming for since 2010, when I started All Due Respect and started this amazing journey.

Friday, January 29, 2021

PULP MODERN 2.6 Available!

The latest issue of Pulp Modern is now available.