Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Big News from the Pulp Modern Empire

All living creatures must evolve in order to survive. Can a fiction digest be a living thing? Who the hell knows. Point I’m getting at here: Pulp Modern is going to go through some changes. This is nothing new with Pulp Modern. Almost the entire first volume was an exercise in constant exploration and experimentation. Maybe that was Pulp Modern’s time in college or something. Since the launch of the second volume in 2017 with Richard Krauss taking over as art director, the journal has quietly evolved from the use of altered public domain images to accompany stories to original art thanks to Ran Scott and several others. Well, it’s time to evolve some more. 

First order of business: pay the writers more. Not much. Writers of standard short stories will now earn twenty-five dollars. It’s still not professional, I know, but I’m still not a millionaire and I’m still paying for this out of my pocket (with help from my wife and from Richard as well). This means competition will get a little fiercer for writers looking to appear in the digest. That’s good for everyone, however. 

In addition to fiction, Pulp Modern will now include non-fiction articles and poems. Pay will not be as significant for those contributions, however. On a side note, I am working on bringing back the Patreon account for Pulp Modern, so if we can raise sufficient funds, these numbers will change, all to the benefit of contributors (I have never made a profit off Pulp Modern and I’m not concerned with doing so any time in the near future; Pulp Modern exists as a platform for truly marginalized voices—the voices of great, independent writers).

As if this news isn’t exciting enough, we are also starting a flash fiction site on the Internet, Pulp Modern Flash. We will publish (roughly) one new story a week (similar to Beat to a Pulp and the original All Due Respect site, back in the day). As with the fiction digest, all the major pulp genres are welcome (Crime/Noir, horror, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and western). While there is no financial compensation at this point for the flash site, we will, from time to time, compile and publish collections of stories from the site and authors will be paid if their work is included (and, again, if the Patreon account ever produces decent funds, the numbers here will change as well).

Please see the guidelines (you have to scroll to the bottom of the page for the Pulp Modern Flash guidelines) for all the necessary information.

Saturday, June 20, 2020


The latest and greatest issue of PULP MODERN is now available HERE.