Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Pulp Modern News

After a long battle with createspace, Pulp Modern Volume Two Issue Three is finally available in print. Maybe I'm paranoid (i.e., Having all the facts, according to the late William Burroughs), but it's awful strange an issue that begins with a plea for people to understand and defend freedom of speech would not only get harassed by the gatekeepers at createspace and amazon, but would, out of the blue, warrant the IRS to suddenly look into my taxes. I make about 11,000 dollars a year (thanks, higher education!). I'm living in extreme poverty. Why the fuck is the IRS wasting your tax dollars looking into mine? It's because our corporate overlords are scared shitless of free speech. If they can convince the status quo that free speech is some nefarious right wing practice, they can do what they want to the masses without fear of criticism or, more importantly, retaliation.

Well, motherfuck the IRS. Pulp Modern will continue.

Beginning in 2019, Pulp Modern will have a submission window one day per month until we fill an issue. The first day submissions will be accepted will be January 15, 2019.