Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The New PULP MODERN Has Arrived!

The first review is already in -- the new Pulp Modern is excellent.

You may get your print copy here.

You may get your kindle copy here.

You may get your Magzter version here.

Both digital versions are in COLOR.

The writers and Art Director Richard Krauss of Larque Press, LLC, deserve the overwhelming majority of praise for this one.

Here's the reliable David Wilde's review.

Pulp Modern vanished for a year because I felt the efforts of myself and the writers were not appreciated. Let's make sure this resurrection is successful. Please purchase a copy, read it, and review it at Amazon. The goal is to get fiction to a broad audience that has not been pre-approved and sterilized by corporate-owned publications (fake fiction! fake fiction!). THIS is the revolution. It's now or never...

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