Monday, November 23, 2015

Pulp Modern Update

So I've contemplated whether or not to continue publishing Pulp Modern because it takes a LOT of my time and I just don't know if enough people read it to make it worth it (despite the fact that many stories end up in various other anthologies).

HOWEVER, in light of recent debates and/or arguments (or really just insult matches) I've either had or witnessed regarding censorship, I've decided it's my DUTY to continue publishing Pulp Modern.

As stated earlier this year, Pulp Modern is now a CRIME only journal. Let it be further stated that NO SUBJECT is taboo. Too many journals have taken the cry-baby route of prohibiting stories with unsettling subject matter. This is NOT the case at Pulp Modern. You have a story that involves something horrible happening to animals or children? If it's relevant to the story and the story is well-written, send it over. You have a story about rape? If the rape element is relevant to the story and the story is well written, send it over. Your story has a liberal slant? Great, send it over. Your story has a conservative slant? Great (and rare), send it over.

I want to see the most shocking, outrageous crime stories ever written. Fuck the wussified masses. Those who remember the guidelines I posted on the All Due Respect site way back in 2011, multiply those convictions by a thousand and send me something drenched in blood and bone fragments and scar tissue and all that other good stuff.

Pulp Modern shall be the only literary journal that truly exercises freedom of speech.

Reading period for the winter issue will be December 1 to December 31. I look forward to seeing what writers produce when all the shackles are removed.