Saturday, October 11, 2014

PULP MODERN #9: Dangerous Women

So the deadline for issue 8 has passed.  I'll be picking through the last two dozen submissions this weekend.  I can already announce that the drug issue will be plus-sized.  So many good stories (a lot of stories I had to pass on even though I enjoyed them).  It's going to be a big, strange trip.

That leads us to issue 9.  The theme is: Dangerous Women.  Be they in crime, horror, science fiction, or westerns, I want to see women shaking up the status quo and raising hell.  I also want to see more women contribute stories to Pulp Modern.  There are many ways for women to be dangerous, the femme fatale is just one.  Get creative, get subversive, get writing!

Deadline for issue 9: June 1, 2015