Monday, June 30, 2014

Mr. Cizak's story at LitReactor

So LitReactor is having a crime fiction contest.  You can go there and read stories and rate them and comment on them.  I've entered a story called "The Ralph's at Third and Vermont."  This story seems to fall into a style I've developed since finishing the MFA program where I put disparate moments together and let the reader figure out why they're related.  I find it interesting that my genre (vs. literary) fiction leaves much more space for experimentation (in the MFA program, the only experimenting seems to be messing with verb tense and POV) than so-called literary fiction.  Anyway, it's good to be writing the kind of fiction I prefer to write without fear of some MFA literafia cult descending on me and calling me worthless for writing fiction where stuff actually happens.

But enough about my work, let's talk about me.  Just kidding.  Please follow this link and read and rate my story.  Even if you don't like it, feedback is always a good thing.  Thanks.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


So, after a spring and early summer of battling the most psychotic bureaucrats I've ever encountered, I've managed to put this issue together.  And let me tell you, it's a doozy.  There's refined fiction, raunchy fiction, sentimental fiction, and even a little bit of the stuff that might make you angry when you read it.  A salad bar of pulp fiction for you to read on the beach or in your cubicle or in a factory or wherever you'll be spending the next few weeks.  Please get your copy now and let the writers know what a fantastic job they've done.  As always, I truly believe Pulp Modern just gets better and better with each issue and this one lives up to that expectation.

PULP MODERN #7: THIEVES AND LIARS on sale at Amazon.

P.S. -- Mr. Cizak: 1 Psychotic Bureaucrats: 0

Monday, June 23, 2014

Mr. Cizak at the Flash Fiction Offensive

Good news this morning--I received word from Shotgun Honey that a very bizarre piece I wrote has been accepted there.  In the meantime, however, feel free to stop by The Flash Fiction Offensive / Out of the Gutter Online and give a quick read to my story HAPPY THOUGHTS.  It's a nice shot of dystopian "paranoia" for your Monday morning!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Pulp Modern #7 is on the way

With evil bureaucrats and insane, hyper-sensitive morons doing everything they can to destroy me, I somehow managed to put together PULP MODERN #7! But make no mistake, the stars are the contributing writers, which include PM regulars such as Chris Rhatigan, Richard Godwin, Edward A. Grainger, and Mike Sheedy as well as some stunning work by first time PM writers such as Ken Miller, Gerald So, and Patrick Chambers.  Thieves and liars.  Should be available by next week (with a kindle edition showing up some time later).

Friday, June 13, 2014

"We're pregnant"

So Mila Kunis has decided men shouldn't say "we're pregnant" when their wives or girlfriends are expecting a baby.  What would sound better?  "She's pregnant," like she did it all by herself?  My girlfriend told me she'd slug me if I said something like that.

But, whatever.

This points to a larger problem I've noticed in modern America.  Figurative language is dying.  That's bad news for writers.  What Mila Kunis is either too dense, too stupid, or simply too young and ignorant to understand, is that a man saying "we're pregnant" when his wife/girlfriend is pregnant is simply a figurative phrase with no ill intentions.  Now, cultural critics and other bored, upper-class (generally) white folks will say that buried somewhere in there is some nefarious double-meaning, or some such shit.  After five years of graduate school, I'm convinced all that shit is exactly that: shit.  Bullshit, to be more precise.  In the case of "we're pregnant," it's a matter of the man showing solidarity with his wife/girlfriend.  How the fuck anybody could consider that a problem is beyond imagination.

Then again, look around this country.  Crazy and stupid have gotten together and created the most dangerously uninformed generation ever.

I weep for the future.

Now, back to my writing, for which I make no apologies should I use a phrase, metaphor, or simile, that dummies like Mila Kunis don't have the brains to comprehend.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Get Your Mr. Cizak Fix

To recap, here are the latest places you can sample the kind of fiction I prefer to write (you know, stories, where something happens, etc.).

If you have not read Sugar Cookie's at PULP METAL, please do so and comment.  It's a period piece, which is a joke I've attached to it since it takes place in the 1960s and involves menstrual blood.  Don't read it while you eat, by the way.

"Little People," a story where I actually demonstrate some empathy for the victim, can be found in the amazing new issue of ALL DUE RESPECT.  In addition to some fine fiction by some outstanding writers, there are interviews and book reviews, making ADR one of the very best journals out there.

Finally, if you haven't done so, head on over to BEAT TO A PULP and catch my latest Haggard, Indiana story, No Hard Feelings.

I write these stories to entertain readers, so please, entertain yourselves!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"Sugar Cookie's" at Pulp Metal

Many thanks to the folks at Pulp Metal for publishing my story "Sugar Cookie's."  It's a period piece, all puns intended.  Feel free to stop by, give it a read, and leave a comment.

Monday, June 2, 2014


I've already read this thing on Kindle.  Never mind that I have a story in this issue.  There's a host of great fiction, some amazing interviews (including an interview with Mr. David Cranmer), and reviews pointing you to other books you should be reading.  This one's a classic, all involved in the production of it should be proud of themselves.  You may now (and should now) get your paperback version at Amazon.