Tuesday, October 29, 2013


At this point, anyone aware of anything relevant in the universe knows that Lou Reed died on Sunday.  I feel it might be appropriate to mention Mr. Reed at No Moral Center.  The influence his music had on my thinking as an artist is immeasurable.  The Velvet Underground taught me that no subject is taboo.  More importantly, that any subject can be turned into mass entertainment.  In many ways, Lou Reed made Noir Rock (I don't know if someone has already coined that term; it's irrelevant, since Mr. Reed actually invented it...).  "Heroin," "Waiting for the Man," "The Grift," these are just a few examples from early on.  His record New York was filled with the sort of imagery we might expect from a grindhouse movie or a crime fiction novel.  Celebrity deaths are often over-sentimentalized.  This is one case, however, where no words or gestures will match the gravity of the artist's contribution to culture, both popular and otherwise.

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