Monday, March 11, 2013

Pulp Modern News

As of April 1, Pulp Modern will no longer accept simultaneous submissions.

Also, those of you who know me on Facebook might have seen my post today about firing off another submission as soon as you get a rejection letter.  I wish writers wouldn't do this.  Take some time after getting a rejection letter to go back to the journal or magazine (I trust EVERY writer who submits to Pulp Modern has read a copy!) and study it a little bit more before sending something else.  When I send a rejection notice to a writer and receive another submission from him or her within 24 hours, I feel like the writer has a stack of stories he or she just sends out blindly hoping for a lucky strike.  What actually happens is this: I feel disrespected and read all future submissions from that writer with a suspicious eye.  I would not be surprised if other editors felt the same way.