Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drive-In Fiction: Tap Tap Tap (Snap Snap Snap)

Time for another soundtrack.  David James Keaton's Tap Tap Tap (Snap Snap Snap) closes the collection and has a rather thorough soundtrack (in addition to an original rap/song recorded specifically for the novella!)

Music from the film Tap Tap Tap (Snap Snap Snap)
“Love Removal Machine” – The Cult
“The Spotlight Kid” – Captain Beefheart
“Who’s Your Boyfriend?” – Billy Squier
“The Confessor” – Joe Walsh
“One Of Our Submarines” – Thomas Dolby
Sure 'Nuff 'n Yes I Do” – Captain Beefheart
“Lonely Is The Night” – Billy Squier
“On The Loose” – Saga
“Silver Shamrock Halloween Jingle” – Tommy Lee Wallace/Alan Howarth
“Emotions In Motion” – Billy Squier
“Burn Hollywood Burn” – Public Enemy
“Copperhead Road” – Steve Earl
“New Girl Now” - Honeymoon Suite
“Tropical Hot Dog Night” – Captain Beefheart
“The Big Beat” – Billy Squier
“Seasons In The Sun” – Terry Jacks
“Bat Out Of Hell” – Meat Loaf
“She’s A Runner” – Billy Squier
“Building The Perfect Beast” – Don Henley
“Clear Spot” – Captain Beefheart
“Lydia The Tattooed Lady” - Groucho Marx
Hidden track:
“The Rap’s The Thing (Your Blood’s Gonna Scream) – performed by Cryptozoology/lyrics by Dave Keaton


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