Monday, January 3, 2011

Currently Reading...

So in addition to the research I'm doing on slasher films, I occasionally get a chance to read a short story out of two anthologies I am working my way through.  I recently read "Maker's and Coke" by Jake Hinkson, which is the story that kicks off the Beat to a Pulp anthology.  Mostly I jumped back and read it to get me to stop reading the stories out of order but also because the first time I got down with the crazy woman who made me crazy, we were drinking Maker's.  Anyway, the story was good.  Any story about a cop drinking on the job is worth reading.  There's something nice and subversive about featuring robbers in Dick Cheney masks as well.  On a whole, my kind of story.

My dad bought me the Best American Noir anthology, edited by James Ellroy and Otto Penzler, for Christmas.  Of course, I flipped right to the Jim Thompson story and read it, only to realize I'd already read it in a different anthology.  No matter.  I'm currently working my way through Lawrence Block's "Like a Bone in the Throat."  Holy shit, that is one sick story!  Next story I'll take a look at is Ed Gorman's since I've already read his story in the BTAP anthology.


  1. Ed's work is amazing. I have a collection of his short stories and every one is a winner. And Ed writes some of the best westerns as well.

  2. I had no idea Ed Gorman had been around as long as he has. I'm continually amazed at the roster of writers you got for your anthology. Shows a lot of respect all around.