Monday, May 16, 2022

Hoosier Misfits and Perverts


Hoosier Misfits and Perverts
(14.99, Caledonia Publications) is my MFA thesis from nearly ten years ago. You'll see I've since pulled several items from the stories to use in novels and short stories written since then.

In the MFA program I endured, I was told not to write "lowly genre" fiction, that I had to write "literary" fiction, so these stories are the result. To me, literary fiction is fiction where nothing happens. It just so happens my favorite sitcom (and one of the only times the masses got it right) was/is Seinfeld, a show that declared itself "about nothing." I studied all nine seasons of Seinfeld religiously when I was enduring the MFA program and used the show's commitment to not being sentimental as a launching point for my "literary" fiction.

I also wanted to mix in some of my favorite subjects, mostly the sex industry and the men and women who produce and consume its products. This would be my way of sneaking some noir into the collection and my advisor not being able to disallow it.

To understand just how successful this endeavor was, let me briefly discuss the collection's centerpiece, a humorous story called "Trouble at the Renoir." This story is loosely based on an experience my Uncle Barrett had in a porno theater in the mid-1970s. He was a high school English teacher (the best in Indianapolis, to be honest about it), so he had to be careful to protect his reputation. He was actually trying to watch the movie while a woman cop dressed as a hooker attempted to entrap him. She kept asking if he wanted to party. He finally told her to shut the fuck up and she threatened to arrest him for harassing a police officer!

When I workshopped this story, one of the bigger idiots in the MFA program told me she didn't think the story was realistic because she had worked at a high school once and none of the men in the English department, she assured me, would ever go to a porno theater. Now, never mind that this dingbat would not have been teaching at a time when porno theaters even existed. The comment demonstrated she had no idea what fiction is and it further proved she, like many in the program, did not belong there.

Well, the story got picked up by a journal called Profane. The one critic who reviewed the journal said this about the story: "Nothing really happens."

Bingo! Mission accomplished!

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Literary Fiction by Alec Cizak!

Caledonia Press has published my MFA thesis, Hoosier Misfits and Perverts. It is a collection of short stories about four different families, some immigrants, some natives, and how their lives cross over the last five decades of the 20th century. The stories take place throughout Indiana, thus, the Hoosier part of the title.

For those who don’t know, I was adopted. My parents who raised me are post-World War II immigrants. I based many of the stories and characters on things my parents told me as I grew up in Indianapolis. There are also several stories based on our family friend, Uncle Barrett, for whom my publishing company is named. Uncle Barrett was a teacher in Indianapolis and dodged more arrests than any serious outlaw I’ve ever known. He was a smart ass and an intellectual and suffered no fools. He passed in 2006 after having a second stroke. Among my many aims with this collection was an attempt to capture his spirit on the written page. 

Earning an MFA counts as one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made thus far in my life. I had to take loans despite having a teaching assistantship. My last year in the program, I was accused of “laughing at an inappropriate joke” and put through the most Kafkaesque ordeal you can imagine from the school’s irrational, overzealous Title IX officer. She had recently been humiliated on a national level for suggesting a video of the children of the school’s football coach was child pornography. The school was embarrassed on an ESPN special report as it was quickly sorted out that the children in the video were the coach’s children and the video itself was not in any way child pornography. The Title IX officer was desperate to redeem herself and decided to use me and two other working class graduate students as scapegoats. There was a public address from the English department’s equally inept chair in which he accused the three of us of committing crimes on par with the Spanish Inquisition. Our reputations were ruined at that point and my chances of finding full time employment with my degree became an instant impossibility.

It was eventually ‘discovered’ through the witless Title IX officer’s “investigation” (fishing expedition is a better description of it) that I was NOT EVEN IN THE ROOM when the alleged joke was told (the ‘joke,’ in fact, was a quote from an essay the other two students had read in a Victorian Literature class). All three of us were declared innocent, but it happened far too late to save our reputations. 

I petitioned to have my student loans erased since my First Amendment Rights had clearly been violated (i.e., the school had no business regulating what I did or did not laugh at), Rights the school’s website guarantees, but Trump’s secretary of education dismissed every petition every defrauded student filed during Trump’s administration and my case was, essentially, ignored.

One of the other students swept up in the fishing expedition managed to get the school investigated by the state and eventually by the federal government. This led, finally, to the firing of the inept Title IX officer (why the department chair wasn’t fired as well is still baffling to me—he caused yet another needless Title IX “investigation” a year after I was graduated that led to the same results). While it’s comforting the school finally did the right thing and brought the axe down on the Title IX officer, it doesn’t change the fact that I have not been able to secure employment with my so-called terminal degree and, thus, pay off my student loans. 


Long story short (Too late!), I hope to sell 10,000 copies of Hoosier Misfits and Perverts to pay off the loans. I hope I’ve made my case here that a.) I was defrauded by the school I earned the degree from and should therefore not be charged considering employees of the school made it impossible for me to use the degree in any meaningful way and b.) I have a product that O created that I am selling, taking full advantage of Capitalism, and therefore am not guilty of simply ‘wishing away’ my loans. 

I hope anyone reading this purchases a copy of the book. Whether you love it or hate, please leave a review at Amazon and tell your friends and family about it.

I will write more about the book itself in the coming weeks. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

We'll Make Great Pets


Maybe I've been wrong all these years.

I remember standing up for myself in junior high when the school's army of yuppie scum decided they'd try to bully me. First I pulled a switchblade knife and threatened to kill them (it was the 1980s, guns were still just used for drug business in school at that time). Then I wrote horror stories in which I did just that and passed them out around for the yuppies to read. They labeled me a psychopath, which was fine by me. I never got bullied by yuppies again. Not to my face.

The reason the yuppies tried to bully me is because I didn't wear designer clothes like they did. That automatically meant I didn't think like them because, well, I didn't give a fuck what clothes I wore. The rest of my life I battled against conformists of all stripes. I always thought that was the correct thing to do. That being your own person (i.e., developing your own opinions about each and every issue) was noble. Being a follower was looked down on. Not intellectual. A sign of not much going on in the brain department.

But it has proven a losing battle. Conformity is constantly enforced by the brainless twits who weasel themselves into positions of power and influence. It could very well be that oddballs like me just weren't meant to survive. Especially at this point in the human adventure. I constantly see calls for the "post-biological" society to snuff troublemakers like me who refuse to do what the masses are doing. It could well be that the human adventure is over. That the conformists have won and are ready to merge with technology and become perfect circuits in a bigger machine.

A circuit must be obedient, attend to its task without hesitation, without questioning why it's doing what it's doing.

I apologize to the masses. I will not stand in the way of your glorious march to joining with technology once and for all and surrendering your humanity to the ultimate collective.

God speed. You won't remember what humanity actually was when you finally get your way. You can always look in your electronic library for my books. One thing I will not do is cease writing about actual human beings, actual human behavior. And if it makes you weep for a time when you had the option not to be a conformist pig, so much the better.

Friday, February 4, 2022

New Stuff!

 To my many loyal readers of this here blog, I apologize for not posting more often. I've become busier than I can handle over the last few months, so some things, unfortunately, get neglected. I'll try to "do better," as the New Puritans frequently instruct celebrities they believe actually give a shit about their opinions...

But I digress.

Tis the season to read books by Alec Cizak! 

First off, we have COOL IT DOWN, the final book in the Unholy Trilogy that started with DOWN ON THE STREET and continued with BREAKING GLASS, the book I believe got me on the radar of the New Puritans infecting crime fiction. Cool It Down tells the story of what happened to Lester Banks, the protagonist of Down on the Street. Will Chelse Farmer get her revenge on the old pervert? You have to read and find out...

Next, there's L.A. STORIES, a project years in the making. It's a collection of three novellas that would have made great grindhouse movies in the late 70s and early 80s. My contribution, TEMPLE OF THE RAT, was originally my novella for DRIVE-IN FICTION, way back in 2012, when there was still some sense of civility in the indie scene. I ultimately decided it was too sick for a collection of drive-in novellas and worked on it over the years until I got the idea, back in 2017, to find two other writers familiar with Los Angeles to write companion novellas. The two other writers, Scotch Rutherford and Andrew Miller, have generated controversy themselves, making this just about the most appropriate inappropriate book to show up in 2022. Additionally, the book opens with an outstanding foreword by Rex Weiner. 

I'm very proud of TEMPLE OF THE RAT because it is not in any way biographical. I had to conjure these characters who are nothing like me and inhabit their shoes for the many years I worked on revising the piece. It freaked me out at times, but eventually, as with all characters I invent, I found ways to have empathy with them and that, of course, is the key to creating three-dimensional characters. It's a very, very sick story (the original title, in fact, was...Sick). I know some people don't like trigger warnings, but I think this is a case where readers should be warned. There are stomach-turning moments in the novella, and I don't want anyone who's used to the more refined way I normally tell a story (even about bad people and bad situations) to be shocked by how far I've gone in this novella.

Both books are currently available and I encourage anyone willing to read them and leave a review. If you don't like them, feel free to leave a critical review, just don't click one-star and leave it at that. Always let an author know what you think could be improved.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

So Much Things To Say!

If you've been asleep for a while, you're forgiven for missing the fact that my imprint, Uncle B. Publications, LLC, has been busy putting out books.

In addition to the latest, greatest Pulp Modern, Uncle B. released a Johnny Cash tribute called Now, There Was a Story!, featuring crime stories by Stephen J. Golds, Jackie Flaum, Don Stoll, Robert Petyo, C.W. Blackwell, and many others. The stories are all based on the covers Johnny Cash recorded for his landmark record, Now, There Was a Song!

In conjunction with David Cranmer and Beat to a Pulp Press, Uncle B. has released the first of two volumes collecting the complete adventures of the Drifter Detective. Jack Laramie, aka the Drifter Detective, roams the Texas landscape of the early 1950s doing freelance P.I. work. Volume One features novellas and novelettes by Garnett Elliott, Wayne D. Dundee, and me. Kevin Tipple provides the foreword.

Uncle B. is also publishing poetry books and the first up is legendary Verna Hampton's Sister FM Diva Poetry Inna Mi Yahd. Hampton's poetry is lively and timely and I'm thrilled we're helping her get her verse out to the world.

Cool It Down, the followup to Breaking Glass and Down on the Street, will be here within the next few weeks from ABC Group Documentation. For those of you patiently waiting to find out what happened to Lester Banks, here's a gift:

Behold, the cover art for Cool It Down...

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Pulp Modern 2.7 Lineup and Mr. Cizak Appearances in the Wild

Choosing stories for the latest issue of Pulp Modern was more difficult than ever. The best writers, both independent and "established," are eager to see their work in the digest and there's only so much room. The decision to cut great stories has never been more painful. Here, however, is the lineup for the first of two issues celebrating Pulp Modern's 10th anniversary:


The issue will also feature another article by Anthony Perconti. The usual cast and crew will be involved in putting the issue together, including art director Richard Krauss and illustrator Ran Scott.

As you wait for the new issue to arrive, feel free to read some of my work on the Internet and in print publications, including:

"Levels," a controversial flash fiction piece (that would not be controversial in a rational world) appears at Punk Noir.

"The Little Dizzies" appears in 4:20 Noir, a collection edited by J.Travis Grundon and produced by Richard Krauss for Uncle B. Publications, LLC.

"Cymbaline," a more traditional Alec Cizak crime fiction story, appears in the brand new magazine Guilty. Make sure you buy the book and give this new market some business.

At some point this year, my novel Cool It Down should be available. It picks up the story of Les Banks two years after the events of Down on the Street.

Finally, Uncle B. Publications, LLC, will begin a regular publication schedule in September. Look for a Johnny Cash-inspired anthology, a volume of Drifter Detective novellas, and a new line of poetry chapbooks.

This is it, folks. This is the revolution we've been aiming for since 2010, when I started All Due Respect and started this amazing journey.

Friday, January 29, 2021

PULP MODERN 2.6 Available!

The latest issue of Pulp Modern is now available.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Holiday Madness!

 In addition to finally choosing three correct point-spreads last week and winning back all the money I'd lost so far this football season, this last week has brought several new appearances by Mr. Cizak and/or his fiction.

A story of mine originally titled "Old 55" appears at a relatively new publication, NOVEL NOCTULE. The editors went to town on the story, making my clipped, obscure prose more articulate. They also changed the title of the story to "Civilized Folk." I appreciate the work they put into preparing the story for their publication, so I'm not going to argue with their decisions. They have a vision, they made the story coincide with that vision. The reader will be better off for it. I'm very impressed with this publication and I encourage readers to support it and writers to submit stories that are genre appropriate.

Speaking of editors, as editor of PULP MODERN, I was interviewed by the folks who put together the ALIEN BUDDHA ZINE. I discuss a lot of things. One thing I say in the interview might cause some controversy. I'm not going to go into it unless someone brings it up. Long story short, I should have articulated myself better. We'll see how it goes.

On the horizon is the next issue of Pulp Modern (look for it in early 2021) and my novel Cool It Down, which completes the unofficial trilogy started with Down on the Street and Breaking Glass.

Good way to end 2020 and start 2021. Let's hope 2021 is a better year for everyone!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

C.W. Blackwell at Pulp Modern Flash

If you haven't already done so, please stop by Pulp Modern Flash and check out C.W.Blackwell's story, "Memories of Fire." If you dig it (and, I know you will), let C.W. know in the comments section. C.W. Blackwell is one of, if not the, top writers in the indie scene today. If anybody in New York has half a brain, they'll sign this guy real soon.

Thursday, July 30, 2020


With the end of summer comes the beginning of the next chapter in the online independent fiction movement. Here's your lineup of authors for August:

August 3 - C.W. Blackwell
August 10 - Tom Leins
August 17 - Ara Hone
August 24 - Gabriel Hart
August 31 - Michael Bracken

The year is almost booked, so get your flash fiction in ASAP. Keep in mind that we are looking to book all horror for the month of October, so stories in those genres go to the front of the line.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Big News from the Pulp Modern Empire

All living creatures must evolve in order to survive. Can a fiction digest be a living thing? Who the hell knows. Point I’m getting at here: Pulp Modern is going to go through some changes. This is nothing new with Pulp Modern. Almost the entire first volume was an exercise in constant exploration and experimentation. Maybe that was Pulp Modern’s time in college or something. Since the launch of the second volume in 2017 with Richard Krauss taking over as art director, the journal has quietly evolved from the use of altered public domain images to accompany stories to original art thanks to Ran Scott and several others. Well, it’s time to evolve some more. 

First order of business: pay the writers more. Not much. Writers of standard short stories will now earn twenty-five dollars. It’s still not professional, I know, but I’m still not a millionaire and I’m still paying for this out of my pocket (with help from my wife and from Richard as well). This means competition will get a little fiercer for writers looking to appear in the digest. That’s good for everyone, however. 

In addition to fiction, Pulp Modern will now include non-fiction articles and poems. Pay will not be as significant for those contributions, however. On a side note, I am working on bringing back the Patreon account for Pulp Modern, so if we can raise sufficient funds, these numbers will change, all to the benefit of contributors (I have never made a profit off Pulp Modern and I’m not concerned with doing so any time in the near future; Pulp Modern exists as a platform for truly marginalized voices—the voices of great, independent writers).

As if this news isn’t exciting enough, we are also starting a flash fiction site on the Internet, Pulp Modern Flash. We will publish (roughly) one new story a week (similar to Beat to a Pulp and the original All Due Respect site, back in the day). As with the fiction digest, all the major pulp genres are welcome (Crime/Noir, horror, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and western). While there is no financial compensation at this point for the flash site, we will, from time to time, compile and publish collections of stories from the site and authors will be paid if their work is included (and, again, if the Patreon account ever produces decent funds, the numbers here will change as well).

Please see the guidelines (you have to scroll to the bottom of the page for the Pulp Modern Flash guidelines) for all the necessary information.

Saturday, June 20, 2020


The latest and greatest issue of PULP MODERN is now available HERE.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Mr. Cizak has an official YouTube channel

I have started a YouTube channel called Alec Cizak Television for your enjoyment. I read from my work as well as the work of other writers. I have links to other videos on YouTube I was involved with in some way. I have also created a playlist to serve as a virtual drive-in movie theater. If you can broadcast YouTube on your television, you can click on this playlist at night and enjoy just over three hours' entertainment. I will be switching out the movies once a week. By the way, this week's movies are Day the World Ended and Xtro. The first feature is family-friendly, the second is more grindhouse oriented. I will switch the movies (and previews, cartoons, etc.,) every Saturday, so look to make this your new lockdown tradition! Also, I'll post my own content on a regular basis, so make sure you check back. My wife and I are, additionally, creating a short little television series. Look for the first episode of that to be on the channel in the next couple of weeks.

Here is a trailer I made for Lake County Incidents, oh by the way:

Monday, May 4, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, your PULP MODERN 2.5 Lineup:

We've spent a lot of time in lockdown putting together the new issue of Pulp Modern. Ran Scott is working hard on the illustrations while Richard Krauss and I make last minute adjustments to the text and layout. This issue also features a wonderful cover by Rick McCollum. The biggest stars of the show, as always, are the writers. Here's who you can look forward to reading in the new issue:


Look for the Volume Two, Issue Five on June 9!

Saturday, May 2, 2020

New Drifter Detective at Mystery Weekly Magazine

Anyone interested in reading more about the Drifter Detective, feast your reading eyes on the latest issue of Mystery Magazine Weekly. My lengthy DD story "The Don Juan of Eldorado" is the cover story. They did a wonderful job illustrating it. You won't be disappointed!

Monday, January 6, 2020

First PULP MODERN submission window of 2020

The first 2020 submission window for Pulp Modern will be Wednesday, January 8. From midnight to 11:59PM, PM will be accepting stories. Please review the guidelines.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Your Holiday Reading Needs

The holidays are here. Time to buy presents for your friends who read books. I got all your needs met. Let's start with a double-shot of Tech Noir. Switchblade Magazine came up with this project and ended up with an overflow of great stories. Editor Scotch Rutherford split the stories into two camps and sent one over to Pulp Modern. The result is the best thing since Marvel Team Up. You need both issues. If you're an Alec Cizak fan (and, by the way, thanks if you are!), you need both issues. I put together the editorial talent responsible for the PM issue and I have a story called "Post-Biological Stress Disorder" in the Switchblade edition. Get them both. Read them. And review them.

If you didn't get the memo, ABC Group Documentation published a collection of my horror stories (weird fiction is the more appropriate term, but outside of the pulp fiction community, few people know that term) called Lake Count Incidents. It's gotten great reviews so far. It's worth reading, trust me. It has some adult material, but nothing gratuitous.

If you missed Pulp Modern, Volume Two, Issue Four, shame on you. Both PM issues released this year were fully illustrated. Folks are picking up on the fact that this is a stellar issue. Buy it. Read it. Review it.

I also had short stories in Tough 2 and Switchblade #11. These two journals
have taken over as the premiere crime fiction journals of the contemporary age. As a side note, the original All Due Respect blog is making a comeback thanks to Chris Rhatigan and David Nemeth. That means there will be three solid markets for crime fiction writers (and they all pay).

Remember: You could spend your hard-earned Christmas money on corporate-approved fiction that takes NO chances. You could read the same thing, manufactured over and over again, just given a slightly different title and a slightly different cover, and feel safe and comfortable because you know there won't be any surprises, won't be anything that challenges the worldview the corporate media has pounded into your head and convinced you reflects your actual opinions and experiences...OR, you can read something that will remind you you're alive because it will shock you, offend you, rock you right out of your safe space and send your pulse into hyper-drive. Independent fiction like the journals mentioned here are the last gasp of free expression. No other medium is working as hard to challenge the status quo. And if art doesn't challenge the status quo, what the fuck is the point?

Monday, December 2, 2019

Some notes on NAPTOWN NOIR

If you haven't checked out the submission guidelines at the Uncle B. Publications website, you may not be aware I am editing a charity anthology titled NAPTOWN NOIR. The proceeds will go to the Indiana Literacy Association. It is my belief that nothing liberates like literacy. With few exceptions, I can't think of a more important social cause.

For those who don't know, Naptown is the nickname jazz artists gave to Indianapolis in the 1930s and 40s, when America's music still ruled the world. Indianapolis was a major stopover between the South and Chicago. Near what is now MLK and Indiana Avenue, a thriving jazz scene existed during this period. All the greats stopped in Indy and played there. As the country turned its back on jazz in favor of the more simplistic rock and roll sounds hustled to the youth, the jazz scene in Indy, and the rest of the country, for that matter, died down. By the way, Indy does have a wonderful jazz club today near Broad Ripple. It's called the Jazz Kitchen and I suggest a visit should you spend any time in Indianapolis.

So, what am I looking for? I am not interested in stories filled with gratuitous violence, sex, or foul language. It's not that there isn't a place for such things in crime fiction, this just happens to not be such a place. Remember the old James Cain novellas, how he flew very adult topics in just under the radar? That's what I'd like to see. I am not interested in mysteries, whodunnits, or police procedurals. I am looking for CRIME FICTION. Think Jim Thompson or Elmore Leonard. I am also not looking for stories beating readers over the head with some sort of message (even if I myself am often guilty of doing so!).

Finally, there must be an Indianapolis element of the story that demonstrates the writers knows Indy well. You don't have to be from Indianapolis, but you certainly need to study the town and its history. I will spot a Chicago or L.A. story 'fixed' to sound like a Naptown story from a mile away. Do your homework.

I look forward to reading submissions as they arrive.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

All Your Holiday Reading Needs Met

The special edition of Pulp Modern, Tech Noir, is now available on Kindle from Amazon. Don't forget to buy the companion issue from Switchblade (it started as a Switchblade project that Pulp Modern eventually got involved with). The Pulp Modern issue features unbelievable art by Ran Scott and, as always, outstanding art direction by Richard Krauss.

As previously mentioned, Lake County Incidents is available in both print and kindle editions. This is my contribution to the great line of horror anthologies that influence me, including Dark Forces, King's Night Shift, Bierce's Can Such Things Be?, and Campbell's Alone with the Horrors (contains some of the scariest f'ing stories ever written). Most of the stories in this book were written after Scott Parker shamed me a bit on social media, saying he'd never written anything that couldn't appear on television. I took that as a challenge to write stories that pack the same punch my noir stories do, only without the excessive profanity you'll find in my crime fiction. I like the idea of flying challenging ideas under the radar like that. This is a book meant to be enjoyed by anyone from about 14 to 104 years old.

Some of you may have noticed an announcement regarding Uncle B. Publications moving into the field of book publishing. Here are some projects lined up for the next year or so:

David Cranmer and I have been discussing putting together a single volume of all the Drifter Detective novellas and stories. Look for that to be one of the first non-Pulp Modern releases from Uncle B.

I'm working on a collection of novellas with a couple of other writers from Los Angeles. Don't want to give too much away, but my contribution to that volume could never be shown on television...

I will be putting together a Naptown Noir anthology of crime stories that take place in my hometown, Indianapolis. Proceeds will go to an Indiana literacy charity.

I will also be putting together two rock and roll anthologies -- one will be a collection of stories inspired by the music of David Bowie. The other will be called Now There Was a Story!, in which the songs on the Johnny Cash album, Now There Was Song!, are turned into stories. Those will also be charity volumes, the charities as of yet to be determined.

If any of these anthology projects sound interesting to you, contact me and we'll talk further.

Sunday, October 20, 2019


My collection of weird fiction, LAKE COUNTY INCIDENTS, is now available. Get yours in time for Halloween!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Deadlines: A Tribute to William Wallace

William Wallace was a big supporter of my work. I contributed a story to the charity anthology Deadlines: A Tribute Anthology called "Las Vegas Foot Massage." There are many familiar names in this anthology (if you're down with the underground, that is). It's sitting there on Amazon with no reviews and that's truly criminal. Open your wallet for a good cause, read the book, and leave a review.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Interview at Thriller Magazine

I recently answered some questions for Thriller Magazine. You can read the interview here.

Lake County Incidents did not make it in time for your summer reading. It'll be here for Halloween season, which is much more appropriate, to be honest.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Mr. Cizak at BULL Magazine

I have a story at BULL you might enjoy. It's called "Snotknockers" and deals with, among other things, the wounds left by childhood bullies and society's double-standards when it comes to revenge.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Mo' Fiction at FFO

I'm pleased to have my flash fiction piece "Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaires" at Flash Fiction Offensive. Thanks to Jesse, Beau, Jim, and Mick (and anyone else involved) for keeping that site running.