Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mr. Cizak's Radio Show on KBGA

In case you missed it on my other social media advertising devices, I host a radio program on Tuesday nights called DRIVE-IN RADIO. It's a mix of me saying outrageous things about b-movies and various strains of 'billy' music--psychobilly, rockabilly, hellbilly, etc.

For an example of outrageous things I say, in the STAR WARS show I declared only the first Star Wars movie worth watching. Yes, I dismissed even THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Unfortunately, somehow I managed to lose that show.

Here are links to archived shows on YOUTUBE:

The first in a series of shows on SLASHERS, this is the most recent broadcast.

Here's a show I did on the 1970s, THE SILVER AGE of the drive-in or, as I called it, A DECADE OF SLEAZE!

And here's a link to the show on AIP.

And finally, here's a show all about the influence of Ed Gein on contemporary horror films.

If you want to listen live, you can tune in on Tuesday nights from 10 to Midnight (Mountain time, which seems to be the same as Central Time) at KBGA.ORG. If, by chance, you are in the Missoula area, you can listen on your radio at 89.9 FM. I log the songs played at Spinitron, where you can also chat with me during the show.

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