Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pulp Modern, Volume Two

After some discussion with Richard Krauss, who edits the outstanding Digital Digest Enthusiast, I am bringing back Pulp Modern way, way ahead of schedule. I'm afraid it won't be quite what I had suggested a few weeks ago, but I've decided it's more important to have Pulp Modern available as a market for writers than it is to nourish my nostalgia for the 1930s magazine market. I still will not be able to pay what I would like to, but I will enact a ten dollars per story flat rate that I will be paying out of my own pocket. Richard Krauss is going to help with the layout and other aspects to make sure this is the best, most professionally-presented independent journal possible while I focus on making sure the best possible stories are published. As I know more, I will post here, at twitter, and facebook.


  1. Are your submissions open for new writers?

  2. James, I'll make an announcement shortly regarding the submission window. Pulp Modern welcomes all writers. Unlike SOME big time publications, we actually read stories sent in from "unknown" writers.