Monday, February 6, 2017

First new submission window for Pulp Modern, Volume Two, Number One

In effort to make sure things are done better than before, I am going to open submissions for Pulp Modern in a very orderly fashion so I don't break my back reading submissions. The first submission window will open March 1, 2017, and end March 10, 2017. Depending on the quality of the submissions received, there will either be no more submission windows before the first issue is produced, or I will open another one in a month or so in attempts to find more quality submissions. What that means is, prepare your best work for that first window, because that may be the only one until we start work on the second issue. There is also a new email address for submissions:

therealpulpmodern (at) gmail (dot) com

Also, very important: Pulp Modern once again will publish crime, horror, fantasy, science fiction, and westerns.