Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Just thought I'd say Merry Christmas to the two or three people who still read this "blog," if it can even be called a blog.

I've spent the majority of this year working. I wrote the rough draft to a novel. I look forward to polishing it and sending it out to be rejected by editors some time in 2017.

In January, 2017, Beat to a Pulp will publish a short story of mine called "Creepy."

Later in the year, ABC Group Documentation will publish Down on the Street, a novella I started work on way back in 2012. It's about a cabbie who makes the wonderful decision to become a pimp.

An old friend of mine recently read the "weird fiction" stories I've been working on for the last nine months and said she found them "tame." Of course, I'm trying to write elegant horror stories, so I shouldn't have been surprised by her assessment. My ego couldn't take it, however. I've pulled out a nasty little novella called Temple of the Rat that scared me pretty bad when I was last working on it in 2014 (it's actually the novella I had started for Drive-in Fiction way, way back in 2011). It's the most disgusting thing I've ever written. We'll see if I can find a home for it.

Now that I've forced myself to write a complete draft of a novel I'm not so hesitant to start another one. I hope to write at least one or two more over the next twelve months in addition to writing a feature-length script I'll shoot on my nice, new HD video camera here in Missoula some time in the summer.

Once again, have a great holiday season and hopefully I'll have much more to report over the next year.

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