Thursday, September 24, 2015

Manifesto Destination available on kindle

If you haven't already read Manifesto Destination, now's your chance to do so at a very cheap price. The definitive edit of the book is available at Amazon thanks to the folks at All Due Respect.

When I wrote this damn novella back in 2001 (about two months before September 11), I had no idea I was predicting what a big baby the American population was about to become. I had no idea kids were going to start mixing and matching chemicals to create newer, more dangerous highs. So when you read it and say, "Wow, this guy predicted the future!," just know that I did not. I wrote the fucking thing in a hurry to meet a deadline and fucking rodents were chasing around my tiny, one room apartment while I did so. And in a fucked up way, I miss those days.

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