Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CROOKED ROADS: Official Launch Party / Reading at Indy Reads

So CROOKED ROADS will be available May 15. The official launch party, however, will take place in Indianapolis about a month later, on June 12, at Indy Reads on Mass Avenue. This is a classy joint working for a classy cause, so I strongly recommend you attend if, for no other reason, to support the book store. I'll read a story from the book, answer any questions anyone has, and sign copies of the book for anyone wishing to have an autographed edition.

By the way, CJ Edwards is working on putting together a Noir at the Bar the following week (June 20). I'll be in town for that as well, so that will provide another opportunity to hear me read live and in person (something I don't do very often). He's still looking for a venue, so I'll post more info as soon as I have it. By the way, I've seen the list of the other writers who plan on attending. Let me just say, you want to be there. You may not know it now, but you definitely want to be there.

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