Monday, March 23, 2015

CROOKED ROADS -- The Stories Behind the Stories vol three

The last group of stories begins with "A Matter of Time," a flash fiction piece inspired by a horrific moment I encountered at the 24 hour Internet cafe on the corner of Normandie and Wilshire, way back in the early 2000s. I sat down at a computer, put my card in, and when the screen came up, it was filled with child porn images. I looked around for who might have been using the computer before me, but couldn't find him or her. I thought about what I might do if I actually caught someone looking at that shit. My thoughts weren't too pleasant. The inspiration for the character in the story who gets followed by the protagonist came from this asshole who started threatening me in my own damn neighborhood in Koreatown. He had all these peace stickers on his backpack and was talking about how I needed to get out of his neighborhood. I told him, "I pay rent here too, motherfucker," and that pretty much shut him up. Lesson for those who don't know -- fuck with a writer, you will end up looking stupid in an obscure piece of fiction somewhere down the road!

Next up is "Methamphetamine and a Shotgun," the story that kicked off the All Due Respect blog. It's an homage, I guess, to an old Chester Himes story called "Marihuana and a Pistol." Fans of The Searchers will get a kick out of the names of the characters in the story. It's hallucinogenic and seems to have fans and haters (I've gotten multiple hate emails over the story, not sure why).

"Little People" follows. It's another story folks seem to love or hate. It's one of the first stories I wrote where I tampered with the narrative structure (just a little bit in this one). The initial inspiration came from this douchebag I used to work with at Markey's Audio/Video in Indianapolis, way back in the 90s. His name was Don, he was a frat boy from Ball State, and he constantly harped on how he thought "midgets" were "inherently funny." I'm not a PC-type of person, but I didn't need to be reminded of his opinion every day.

The next story is "A Moral Majority," which is set in the fictional town of Haggard, Indiana, in the late 1960s (probably, chronologically, just before "State Road 53" takes place). The title is, of course, a joke of sorts. I've always been fascinated by how quickly the powers that be squashed any social progress made in the 60s and 70s in the 80s. Like, overnight. Now, I refuse to label myself a conservative or a liberal (I'm probably a Classical Liberal, when pressed to identify politically), but I do find it curious that the most vocal conservatives often tend to get caught doing precisely what they're preaching against. That's what drove me to write this story.

The collection ends with "The Ralphs at Third and Vermont." This story was written during my dark period last year when I was being persecuted at Minnesota State University for teaching a Kurt Vonnegut story that made the English department chair nervous. When I lived in Koreatown, on several occasions, homeless guys I'd spoken with at the 7-11, or Ralphs, or the Hollywood Video on Western and Wilshire, or other places, were burned alive by rich kids who didn't live in the area. I have no idea why these assholes would do this kind of shit. In my furious state of mind last year, I came up with the narrative for this story, tying the riots of '92 into it along with the Vietnam War, which is relevant since a great number of the older homeless guys in L.A. are Vietnam vets.

So there it is. The book will be available on May 15. I'm putting together an appearance in Indianapolis right now. I might also have a release party in Florida, I don't know yet. Regardless, please buy a copy, review it, even if you hate it, and let me know what you think.

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