Wednesday, March 18, 2015

CROOKED ROADS -- The Stories Behind the Stories vol two

The next set of stories in the book starts with "Spare Change," which was called "Diseases From Loving" when it was published back in 2009. It's fairly standard noir stuff--pissed off wife, strange man in a bar who thinks he can save her from making a mistake, etc.-- very brief and, I think, has a nice, touching conclusion, which is a rare thing for me.

That's followed by "State Road 53," a story I once described to a French dentist who claimed she loved literature. When I finished explaining the story to her, she said, "That sounds like a novel!" That's either a good or a bad comment, I don't know. "State Road 53" was one of several stories I wrote with the intention of someday having a story cycle about the fictional town of Haggard, Indiana. Someday I may still complete that cycle, who knows?

"Patience," the next story in the collection, is a little Twilight Zone-esque yarn about a police officer and a girl named Patience. I wrote it back in 2008 after hearing a colleague of mine in L.A. talk about his youth in the city, how he often saw police officers taking advantage of women in alleys and other discreet locations.

The story behind "Katy Too," which follows "Patience," can actually be found here.

And the last story in this cycle is "My Kind of Town," the only story I've ever had at Thuglit. It's almost a soap opera. It's the first actual story I wrote about Haggard, Indiana, and I think it harbors some of my dislike for Chicago, a city I always have bad luck in.

I'll finish up this series in a couple of days...

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