Sunday, March 15, 2015

CROOKED ROADS -- Coming May 15

I'm very excited about my short story collection Crooked Roads, which is scheduled to be released on May 15. I went through the two dozen or so crime stories I've had published since 2009 and chose what I think are the best fifteen. Three flash pieces and twelve 'normal' short stories. They tend to take place in Indianapolis, Los Angeles, or the fictional town of Haggard, Indiana. 

When Chris Rhatigan asked me to put this collection together, he said not to worry about having any theme or anything else tying the stories together (aside from being crime tales). That was liberating. In the last five years I've written two theses for both my masters and my mfa and for both projects I wrote inter-connected short stories. It was a pain the ass and I'm not sure either attempt really works. For Crooked Roads, I just placed the stories in an order I felt was logical. Over-analytical folks might find some thread running through them. Most folks, hopefully, will just dig on a natural rhythm between the stories. However you take your entertainment, I'm confident all readers will get a kick out of this collection (with the possible exception of people who don't like profanity or violence or sex. You know, fucking puritans!!!)

Many thanks to Mr. Rhatigan and the rest of the All Due Respect crew for taking this project on.

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