Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh the things you'll see in Pulp Modern #6

Things start off grounded in reality.  Sort of.  Joe Clifford sets up the entire issue with a story where things are, appropriately, not at all what they seem.  Sort of like what happened back in 1963.  Then we get some 'straight' realism stories, including a piece by Rob Pierce that (in my humble opinion) should be nominated for a spot in the next Best American Short Stories collection.  Ken Goldman then cranks up the 'what the hell?' factor with his story that leads into Chris Rhatigan's outrageous contribution and a story by a "new" writer named Mav Skye. The whole thing ends with Frank Sonderborg's meditation on presidential assassinations and the car that Kennedy died in.  Hopefully the fiction in Pulp Modern #6 will live up to the fiction in the Warren Report...


I've pushed the deadline for issue seven back to April 1st (no fooling).  The theme is dystopia.

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