Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pulp Modern: Number Four

For those of you not yet aware, Pulp Modern: Number Four is now available.  I cannot stress how great this issue is.  Each issue has gotten progressively better.  The "literary" content continues to increase, allowing us all to stick our tongues out at the elitists who think "genre" fiction is bad (or just have yet to figure out that "literary" fiction IS a genre).  The format inside the journal is a little different.  There are no separate sections.  The stories are presented in an order I think appropriate.  If you have yet to make the investment in an issue of Pulp Modern, now is the time.  Trust me.

PS -- Pulp Modern is open to submissions, for those of you who (like me) can't afford to check its status on Duotrope.


  1. You mention open to submissions - how does one put forward a query?

  2. What would you need to query about? I can answer a few questions here: Story MUST be 5000 words or less. We are NOT serializing anything at this point. If you still have a question, feel free to send it to: