Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yo! Mr. C Raps

So here's what Uncle B. is cooking up for the months that are actually supposed to be warm:

Issue three of Pulp Modern will be available in late April.  To answer the question already brewing in your mind: Yes, Pulp Modern makes for an excellent graduation gift.  Your son, daughter, nephew, niece, whatever, does NOT want a car.  He or she wants a copy of Pulp Modern.  Look for the line up in late March.

There will be no summer issue of Pulp Modern.  To answer the question already brewing in your mind:  On July 4, look for a big, fat volume called Drive In Fiction.  Six low-budget novellas by myself, Garnett Elliott, Matt Funk, Jimmy Callaway, David James Keaton, and C.J. Edwards.  For the full effect, please read in your motor vehicle, under a country sky filled with stars.


  1. I like the idea behind Drive-In Fiction. Plus, the names attached to the project are awesome. Looking forward to it.

  2. Thanks, Ben. If it goes well, it will probably become an annual thing.