Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some News

1. Pulp Modern has been nominated for a Spinetingler Award! Please visit and vote.

2. Pulp Modern is temporarily closed to submissions.  Look for the door to open again around August of this year.


Lately I've noticed a trend where I pass on a story and the author writes back to tell me he or she wants to remove his or her story from consideration.  Any other editors out there experienced this?  Just wondering.


  1. Do they backdate the email, so they are dumping you first?

    Weird. Unless I get an insulting rejection, I always respond with a thank you, for the editor's time. Publication is about placement. Finding the venue that fits your story. But some writers still take it personally...

  2. They're not even clever enough to backdate the email. One person sent me the same story after I passed on it. When I forwarded this person the email with the "rejection" notice in it, this person wrote back, "Thanks. Hope you enjoy the story"!