Thursday, December 1, 2011


I have taken to calling Matthew C. Funk the Voice of New Orleans.  I don't care if somebody else claims that title, I'm giving it to Mr. Funk.  Last year his story at All Due Respect won a Spinetingler Award for Best Short Story on the Web.  In a gesture of respect, Mr. Funk has been given the December spot for as many years as he prefers.  This year, he offers us a harrowing account of a crack junky trying to make sense of the madness his life has become since a football injury derailed his original goals.  Mr. Funk may have bettered even his award-winning "Times Past" from last year.  The story is called "Broken Play" and may just break your cold little heart!

By the way, look for another story by Matt Funk in the upcoming issue of Pulp Modern.

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