Sunday, November 6, 2011

A genuine expert on MANIFESTO DESTINATION offers a fantastic review

Here's a review of MANIFESTO DESTINATION that demonstrates the reader really, really understood the characters:

Elmore Leonard is an alcoholic, depressed p.i. with a lot of baggage. And once his ex-girlfriend, Felicia, asks him to do some investigations things go from bad to worse. Fast.

The author could have written a typical, genre novel, but Cizak elevates Manifesto Destination into a class of its own. It's like Raymond Chandler with a healthy dose of A Clockwork Orange. In addition, the characters aren't merely stock villains and heroes. They are treated with a surprising and unexpected tenderness. Their motivations are clear, if misguided. Rather than being peopled by evil stereotypes, Cizak's seedy underbelly of Indianapolis is populated by hurt, sad, injured and frightened people. Elmore is possibly the most damaged of them all.

I'd very much like to read more.

"Fred," I will see to it that you get more to read.

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