Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PULP MODERN now available at AMAZON.COM

So, most people might be freaked out by going to the createspace site devoted only to Pulp Modern and nothing else.  It just doesn't feel right to them.  Would Oprah buy a book this way? they ask.  Good news, brothers and sisters.  Pulp Modern is now available at AMAZON.COM, where many normal people purchase reading material (among other things).  Please tell all your friends and loved ones and lovers and enemies that it is now 100% socially acceptable to buy and read Pulp Modern.


  1. Will it be available in electronic format? I'm having problems using an Amazon UK account to buy from the US site.

  2. It's available through the UK Amazon site.


    If you buy it and review it on the UK site I will reward you. Somehow. I'll figure it out later...