Saturday, October 1, 2011


Jodi MacArthur is kind of like Stanley Kubrick.  She's a quality over quantity kind of artist.  Any time I see her name attached to a story, I know I'm about to read something special.  Jodi digs deep into the old gray matter to pull out images and ideas most of us are too timid to even attempt to put into words.  Her story MANTRA, which I am honored to feature this month at All Due Respect, is no different.  Just in time for Halloween, for the beautiful, sad days of autumn.  For the preamble to winter, death.  Is there any month more appropriate for a Jodi MacArthur story?  Me thinks not.  Read.  Enjoy.  Recover.  Read again.  Comment.  Attempt to see the world in a normal light afterwards.  Good luck and a great big thank you to Jodi for sharing this with us.

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