Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A couple of countdowns...

Received the proof copy of Pulp Modern Issue One yesterday.  Made a few corrections, a few adjustments.  Barring any other problems, look for a September 30 release date.

Right after you place your orders for Pulp Modern, on Saturday, October 1, prepare yourself for the debut of Jodi MacArthur's story "Mantra" at All Due Respect.  If you don't feel a little drunk and psychotic after reading this one, you must already be drunk and psychotic!

Sweet Jumping Jesus... It's gonna' be one hell of an autumn!


  1. Looks fantastic, Alec.

    And I owe you an e-mail still. Haven't forgotten. Just got busy.

  2. When I get some time, I will definitely have to read more of your stories. You have an impressive sounding collection. I hope all is well and we hope to see you soon!!

  3. Looking forward to Pulp Modern's release in a few days, AC. It's a wild line up.

    About 'Mantra'-- a little one, two, three's in us all, don't cha think? ;-) Thanks for the props.