Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An Awesome Rejection Note!

Back in 2002 I decided to write a screenplay using the character from Manifesto Destination, Elmore Johnson.  It wasn't really an adaptation of the novel, though there was a sex business/Internet porn subplot, just like in the novel.  I showed it to a screenwriting coach who worked at the office my agent worked at.  He told me to take out 90% of the politics.  I did so and showed it to Jerry Zeitman, the head agent there who had worked in the business since the 1950s.  He said it was too political!  Mr. Zeitman frequently gave me good advice that I refused to heed at the time.  He once told me to assume that anyone I showed a script to in Hollywood was completely stupid.  That explains why so much shit comes out of the studios.  Anyway, my agent at the time, a guy named Harry Anderson who just vanished one day (I later found out he moved to Japan to be with his girlfriend whom he had gotten pregnant), managed to get the script (it was called Headshot, which I also later found out is a common title for scripts in Hollywood) to Quentin Tarantino's company, A Band Apart.  They rejected it, but I held on to the rejection notice because, let's face it, it's pretty cool to be told to go to hell by Quentin Tarantino!


  1. That's a far cry from being told to go to hell, and a nice keepsake.
    I wish I'd kept my rejection from Dean Wesley Smith when I was a teenager, and sent my story "Citizen Tool"- about a guy who wakes up as a giant penis- to his magazine, Pulphouse.

  2. Mr. Pluck, that's the best premise for a story I've heard in a long time.