Monday, July 25, 2011

Pulp Modern Update

Still looking for horror and science fiction and anything that might fall into the category of fantasy and adventure.  If you're writing crime and nothing but, the deadline for issue number two is December 1, so if you send a crime story and it's great I will probably hold it over for issue number two.  Also, the western folder could use a little more weight.  I know there's at least one story on the way.  Another two or three wouldn't hurt.

Finally, I've been getting emails from writers whose stories I have rejected claiming they aren't going to submit any more stories to Pulp Modern.  When the kind women at AHMM and EQ seal up my SASE and send it to me with their charming rejection form in it, I get pissed, and then I immediately figure out what I'm going to send them next.  I'm going to keep sending them my stories until they publish one just to get me off their backs!  Tenacity is the fuel of success, is it not?  If you've sent a story to Pulp Modern and I've passed on it, send another, and another, until I have no choice but to print your work!

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