Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mr. Cizak's Annoying, Random Thoughts

So I went to the dollar theater last Sunday to give my brain a rest.  Of course, the moment you tell the brain to take some time off, the old noodle decides that's the moment he's going to start really rotating the cogs and come up with thoughts and ideas that seem, at the time, important.  They showed the teaser trailer for Transformers 3.  It's the one that starts out like it's a movie about Apollo 11.  Then it looks like it's going to be a movie about aliens on the moon.  Then you realize it's a Transformers movie and sink in your seat (the first time you see it) and say, "Aw, shucks."  There's a line in the trailer, however, that really stood out.  The narrator refers to the moon landing-- appropriately, I think-- as 'a generation's greatest achievement.'  I got to thinking, what the hell is my generation's greatest achievement?  Have we done anything that has truly advanced the state of human being?  Mostly what we've done is let technology wrap its cold, dead hands around us and turn us into slaves to electricity and other forms of artificial power.  The other thing we've done is allow the government and the media to be completely taken over by corporations and the self-centered interests of a very small number of filthy rich people.  So, I realized, what my generation needs to do, or at least start to do, is take back the government and the media.  The government is not my department.  I could care less who's democrat and who's republican.  They all take money from the same corporations to vote against my interests so I have absolutely no need for politics or politicians.  The media, on the other hand, does involve me.  As a writer, as a(n allegedly) retired filmmaker, taking the media back from the corporations seems like a perfect goal.  If it sounds outrageous, remember what folks probably said when Kennedy announced he wanted people on the moon by the end of the decade-- "Oh man, that's impossible!"

Let's go people.  This is our mission.  This is what we need to leave the generations that follow:

Media that doesn't suck corporate balls...


  1. Amen. it IS the writer's duty to be a gadfly...

  2. Spread the word! Spread the word! My new religion is the construction of a new mass media!