Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sorry, political interlude

The Indiana State Supreme Court has taken a giant shit on the Constitution of the United States.  They have passed a horrific law that states you may no longer defend yourself if a police officer enters your home without a warrant (an illegal act, according to the Fourth Amendment).  Folks, this is it.  Kiss freedom goodbye.  Once the rest of the country sees that my goofy hillbilly neighbors don't have the sense to resist this crap, it will spread across the country.  Imagine, cops just walking right into your home without a goddamn warrant.  Our Founding Fathers fought and died so that we wouldn't have to endure the nightmare of a police state.  Looks like the Indiana State Supreme Court doesn't know too much about the law.  Funny, isn't it?  I hope the three unAmerican justices who voted for this Nazi-esque legislation has his or her home invaded by a cop.  See how they like it.


  1. That's one way to put it.

  2. No one should be more upset by this than law enforcement officials. The ACLU is going to have to challenge this at the national level and the only way to do that is establish a case where a homeowner has fired on a police officer who has entered his home illegally. Basically, a cop is going to have to be sacrificed. It's a total waste of human life because the Constitution already settled the issue and the numb-nut fart-knockers on the Indiana State Supreme Court are too goddamn stupid to accept it.