Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm hooked...

So I'm always getting tv shows from the library on dvd and watching them to put me to sleep at night.  I made the msitake of getting the first season of Mad Men a couple of weeks ago.  I say 'mistake' because I can't sleep while this show is on.  I wasn't too sure at first, but by the season finale ("The Wheel"), I was hooked.  I think some of the show's (very few) critics are correct in pointing out that this is a series that wants to have and eat it's cake.  While it tends to go overboard on depicting old-school sexism, the show can be seen to be contributing to sexism the way it clearly "objectifies" its women.  Frankly, I don't care.  I can't figure out why, but this is a show that makes you think.  Quite rare these days.  While it doesn't appeal to the drive-in junky in me the way Breaking Bad does, I think this may actually be the better of AMC's original two series (I haven't watched The Killing yet.  It'll be another one I get on board late, mostly because I'm rewatching the entire Twin Peaks series at my brother's house on movie night so I don't need two running stories about a dead girl...)

Just a side note, in 2002 I was without regular work in L.A.  I had to take jobs as an "extra" on tv shows.  I was always cast as either a lawyer, politician, or cop or security guard.  One of my first gigs was on a show with Sally Field called The Court.  Don't feel bad if you missed it, it was on for about six episodes.  Anyway, the director singled me out to do a little bit with a young blonde actress where she walks into the courtroom and heads in the wrong direction, so I grab her and redirect her to where she's supposed to be.  I remember that young lady quite well because she had big, round, gorgreous eyes and a hell of a body.  I just learned, by watching Mad Men (I'm on season two now) that the name of that young actress was/is Christina Hendricks.  Oh well.  Even back then she was way, way out of my league... (And I don't even believe in "leagues")

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  1. I hope you were able to do several takes with Christina Hendricks, you lucky man. I haven't seen Mad Men yet but both Patti and Kieran have convinced me I shouldn't miss this show.

  2. Yes, I think we did about five takes. Since it was a television show there were multiple cameras available so every angle was shot for each take, which means in five takes they probably got fifteen different actual takes.

    Sally Field was also in that scene. She flubbed her lines every single take. I remember for one part I was standing guard in front of the jury and I glanced over my shoulders at Ms. Field and caught her yawning. I will say this, she looked good. I had a crush on Sally Field when I was a kid and saw Smokey and the Bandit II in the theater and she didn't look all that different in 2002 than she did in 1981 (or 82, I don't remember) She saw me watching her when she yawned and passed a nice, 'keep it to yourself, bub,' smirk clear across the set.

  3. Hooked on MM as also. So well done and the ambiance is incredible. Rarely, if ever, does a show actually transport in time and place- this one does.

    Christina Hendricks. Jethro Tull said it best: Thick as a Brick!

  4. Yes, she is a well-constructed woman. Refreshing, in the face of all the anorexic women the mass media tries to pass off as sexy.

  5. AC,

    You've almost got all of my favorites, Mad Men, Breaking Bad and I am watching The Killing which is very good -Don't miss that. BUT if you never saw Rubicon, man, rent those from the first show. It's not a bang bang show, it spooks and spies and intelligence gathering. And boy howdy, it's smart stuff. Anyway, had to throw that in! AMC is kicking ass and taking names lately. - Jim