Friday, May 20, 2011

Funk and Mac Flash Friday

You'd think this was the Matthew Funk fan club.  Mr. Funk's flash fiction is on display at Shotgun Honey in a number titled Nothing to Say.  You'll see from comments I left there that I found it very instructive with regards to how the protagonist makes use of pliers and duct tape.

If that's not enough to add to your early weekend anxiety, Jodi MacArthur has a nice piece at Flashes in the Dark called Spin Top-Swan on the Rocks.  This story is hallucinatory and rich in beautiful, nightmarish-images.

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  1. Good calls, Alec. Will have to check out both.

  2. Funk has arrived in a big way over the last year or so. I'm fortunate to have him coming up at BEAT to a PULP in a few months.

    And you know I'm a big fan of Ms. MacArthur. She can do no wrong.

  3. I seem to have pissed off the editor(s) of the site Jodi's story is at. They refuse to publish my comments on her story! Bizarre.

  4. Just catchin' up on blogs tonight. So nice of you to do this, Alec. Glad you enjoyed the weird little horror piece. Lori is the sweetest lady in the world, impossible to "piss off". The site gets buggy at times and I'm sure it's just that. I'm sorry you had problems. It seems the comment muncher follows me around. Oh well.

    I had really Matt's story but haven't left a comment left. I love his work. Can't wait to read his books.