Sunday, May 8, 2011

All Due Respect's Summer Schedule

Here's a look at who will be getting their all due respect this summer:

June -- Jim Wilsky reminds us that white collar folks are getting screwed in this economy as well.

July -- Copper Smith takes us on sea cruise not sanctioned by Disney.

August -- Patricia Abbott introduces us to a thoughtful, caring father.

September -- C.J. Edwards introduces us to the girl next door and her friendly neighbor.

There's some shootin', some schemin', some robbin', some creepin' around, and some good old fashioned stalkin'.  Looks like a fun-filled summer for the whole family!


  1. Good to see many fine writers on the horizon.

  2. David-- There's some good work coming up.

    Jodi-- You know what would be super-duper hawt? Some Jodi MacArthur at ADR. That would be hawt with a capital W!