Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coming Soon to Beat to a Pulp!

It's always a tremendous honor to have a story at Beat to a Pulp.  My story "Katie Too" will appear in the May 22nd edition.  The title comes from a perfectly harmless Johnny Cash song (actually, the narrator of the song basically says he's going to see all the women he wants, but will always include "Katie" on his list of girlfriends.  Maybe it's not so innocent after all!)  The story itself is based on a real incident told to me by an old gangster who was gunned down by cancer a few years ago.  Hopefully I did it justice.


  1. "Katie Too" is a terrific story and cool that it is based on a real incident.

  2. Thanks David. There's no finer place for crime fiction than Beat to a Pulp. I consider it the highest honor to be included there.