Friday, April 15, 2011

After a considerable delay, D.O.A. is finally available

Quite possibly the most morally reprehensible story I've ever written, "Saving Ralph," is now available in the anthology D.O.A. from Blood Bound Books.  Those who reviewed my story "Strength," from the Ruthless anthology, who felt I had gone too far in my sketch of a budding serial killer as a child, will be thoroughly disgusted by this flash fiction  portrait of a poor homeless schmuck and the manner with which he both dines and eliminates demons from his past.  The anthology is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I believe it is actually a buck cheaper at B&N.  This is another "extreme horror" collection, so be warned if that sort of thing bothers you.  Both "Strength" and "Saving Ralph" are artifacts from the mid-2000s when I was living in extreme poverty in Los Angeles, watching rodents take over my one room, no kitchen apartment in Koreatown (sooner or later, they figure out every trap, every poison.  They're amazing little fuckers!)  I don't know if I'll ever write this sort of stuff again.  Then again, the way the economy is going, maybe I'll have no choice!

By the way, I got the check for this story today in the mail.  The editors made it out to Alec Cizak, not my legal name.  Can't wait for the hassle at the bank!


  1. Isn't nice to get a check for writing? I've actually sent more out than I have received but hopefully, someday, the tide will turn.

    (I'll get your real name before I send a check for ROUND TWO.)

  2. Thanks, David. The woman at the bank didn't even notice the difference.