Sunday, March 13, 2011

Interview at Jim Harrington's blog

This time the questions were asked by someone else and my answers weren't so pretentious, I promise!  Six questions about editing All Due Respect can be found at Jim Harrington's blog.


  1. Great interview, AC. I like your order of priority--prose, story, basics. I can remember asking when people first started reading my work, "yeah, but does the prose flow?" Everything stems from the reader willingly moving from one word to another. Without that . . .

    I also liked the point about word redundancy. It bothers me when I see established authors getting away with that.

  2. I know what you mean. I watched "The Adjustment Bureau" over the weekend and decided to dust off my PKD short story collection to read the story again. I was shocked at how untidy PKD's prose was. I think he got away with it because the ideas were so good.

  3. Absolutely. I was having a hard time getting through Dr. Bloodmoney recently because the writing was so flat in places, but I guess I don't read PDK for scintillating prose (people have said the same thing about Tolkein). So there's one exception, anyway.

  4. Dr. Bloodmoney is one of my favorite books by him. Seems like he just popped some pills and wrote whatever the hell came to his mind. Impossible to get away with that these days.

  5. That was a really excellent interview. A lot of editors go on Jim's blog and give these short, flip answers--especially those who work at literary zines. But with your interview, it was clear that you have a vision for what you want All Due Respect to be.

    Love Philip K. Dick. His short story collection is ridiculously good. His ideas are off the charts.

  6. Thanks for the kind words, Chris.

    Speaking of PKD, I wonder what percentage of speculative fiction in books, movies and television today do not owe some gratitude to old Phil? The guy saw the future better than any of his colleagues.

    Did anybody else realize (maybe I'm behind on this one..,) that "Dark City" is a rip-off of "The Adjustment Team"?