Monday, February 21, 2011

I got good news, I got bad news

Let's start with the negative-- The pompous jackasses at the University of Massachusetts have the dubious honor of being the first of the six schools I applied to for an MFA to respond.  They turned me down.  Apparently, two feature motion pictures, twenty years of publishing, ghost work on script rewrites and almost a decade's worth of teaching writing does not, in their book, qualify one to attend their hoity-toity program.  Fuck 'em.  Who the hell wants to go to Massachusetts anyway?  I just wish they'd give me my seventy bucks back for the application fee and the hours I spent working on that stupid "personal statement."  Massachusetts, you are officially on my SHITLIST.

Now, the good news!  A literary journal called Fast Forward just sent me notice that they are publishing my flash fiction piece "Presently Tense," which is about a writer who writes fiction in the present tense.  Fast Forward is published once a year and their first issue won an award, so it's a nice way to end an otherwise almost completely shitty day.

On a much lighter note, the day actually started OK when I got word from Jimmy Callaway that he had posted my review of the x-rated version of Alice in Wonderland at his exploitation blog, Let's Fuck Everybody.  This is an adult-oriented review of an adult-oriented film, so readers beware.  In other words, don't let your kids see it!

Oh well, one school says nay, five more to go...


  1. UMass: hippies and frat boys. Fuck 'em. They wouldn't even give the trannies their own bathrooms.