Sunday, January 30, 2011

I suppose this is an honor...

Well, if you believe half the reviews of Ruthless at, the book is terrible.  If you believe the other half, the book is great.  Sometimes that's a good thing.  The two reviews I've read that are independent of any site selling the book have been basically positive.  The latest, however, has this to say about my story "Strength" --

Strength by Alec Cizak, a story about a sociopathic child well on his way to becoming a serial killer was by far the hardest for me to read. Truly disturbing, disgusting and frightening, this one takes the cake for the most “ruthless,” story in the bunch.

"Disturbing, disgusting and frightening," hmm... I guess that's what I was going for when I wrote the story, so I guess this critic's opinion is positive.  You can read the entire review here at a site called Toxic Graveyard.  I'm not sure who the critic is, but I guess I should say thanks!  Glad I could disturb, disgust and frighten you (most of my ex-girlfriends will attest that I do that everyday, to everyone I meet.  I beg to differ...)!

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